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Proximity to consumer, so as to understand their needs, combined with the innovation to meet them – Julius Mesenhöller Jr recognized the importance of these factors more than 110 years ago and founded his company Junior C. Mesenhöller jr. in the Hasten district of Remscheid.

We still embody this philosophy at our location in Remscheid, the traditional base of the German Tool industry. The name Junior C. Mesenhöller was and remains synonymous with excellent sawing tools of highest quality. Today you can find us in all the important industrial countries around the world.

As was in Julius Mesenhöller ’s time, today our business partners appreciate direct contact with the family owners, who always have a sympathetic ear for the concerns of our valued customers.

Today, in addition to our familiar products, we are a global leader in innovative carbide bandsaw blades, allowing us to meet the demand for high-tech solutions for ultra-high alloy materials and demanding manufacturing processes.

We appreciate your business... as we have since 1908.