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Our application technology department will be happy to inform you about technical options for cutting materials precisely and efficiently. We will also be happy to discuss your sawing processes and, where possible, optimize them on-site.

We recommend the following conditions for break-in in bandsaw blades:

Breaking in a new bandsaw blade
The service life of a bandsaw blade depends crucially on breaking the bandsaw
blade in correctly in a controlled manner.

  • Select the correct recommended values for the cutting speed Vc (m/min)
    and feed rate Vf (mm/min) with the help of our JUNIOR CutIt cutting data
  • Start at 70% of the regular cutting speed and 50% of the regular feed rate
    (see graphic)
  • After cutting a solid surface of 300–500 cm2, depending on the material,
    or 15 minutes of cutting for tubes and beams, you can gradually adjust the
    parameters to the recommended values
  • For carbide saw bands, the area of the solid material to be cut is 1500
    -2000 cm² until the parameters can be adjusted to the recommended